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How to Create a Peaceful Cubicle Atmosphere Among Your Employees

There are many benefits to providing cubicles for your office employees. A private place where workers can get their tasks done without distraction is a huge benefit to cubicle-style office stations, as is better organization among the many people who work for you.

This doesn't mean that issues don't arise when it comes to cubicle working, however: employees working in tight quarters can eventually feel overwhelmed by their team-mates and cubicle spaces can feel confined or uninspired. Here are a few ways you can create an atmosphere of peace for your busy staff.

Invest in Soundproof Cubicle Stations

Noise pollution in the office is a leading cause of employee conflict, which can largely be resolved simply by investing in cubicles that block out more noise. Soundproofed cubicle walls usually include partitions that are designed to absorb sound so employees can have conversations on the phone, enjoy conference calls, or simply work on their desktops with fewer interruptions. An office furniture supply company can explain to you the different types of cubicle walls they offer so you can choose the best one for your office needs.

Make Cubicles More Private

Cubicles should have high walls that allow for employees to stand up in their own space without being able to see into the cubicle next to them. They should also be outfitted with private headphones that employees can wear for noise cancellation and to make private phone calls. Your office furniture supply store can provide you with cubicle wall extenders to make your cubicles more private from the floor up.

Follow a Healthy Cubicle Policy

Hold a company meeting and discuss cubicle policies you wish to uphold with your employees so they can regard each person's space more respectfully. Rules to place on cubicle use include:

  • Entering cubicles by appointment only

  • Time restrictions on talking over cubicles

  • Use of headphones for phone calls

  • Restrictions on music and white noise machines

You may want to get employee input before putting rules to use. Your employees know best what bothers them about their fellow team mates and noise or distractions. Use their insight to help create rules everyone can appreciate and easily follow.

Make Cubicles the Appropriate Size

Every state has its own regulations for how large a cubicle should be, so you should make sure you at least adhere to the rules for your area. Handicapped cubicles are often required to be larger so a person with limited or assisted mobility can easily access all areas of their private space.

Cubicles may need to be larger for some employees who have larger or more diverse work roles than others. When cubicles are an appropriate size, work productivity and happiness increase. Inspect the work areas that your employees are currently using; if cubicle spaces appear crowded or disorganized, you may need to make some adjustments to the order of the cubicle space to allow for better working conditions.

Cubicles are often used in offices where many employees need their own private space to complete their daily tasks. While your employees may work at peace for much of the time, noise distractions and other irritations can be present in any area where cubicle work stations are the norm. Luckily there are many ways you can create a peaceful atmosphere where your staff can work effectively and happily.

Invest in the right type of cubicle for your workforce. This includes soundproofed walls, taller cubicle partitions, and other arrangements. For all your office furniture needs, our team at Configure Office Systems is here to assist you. Contact us today with your concerns over your existing cubicle situation and we can help you make your work space a more productive area to be in.