Workplace productivity is the most important factor in making your business money. By definition, productivity in the workplace is essentially the amount of output (and eventual profit) put forth versus the cost (wage, overhead, and time) to hire someone to do the work. When employees are worried about social distancing and getting  sick at work, expect productivity to waver and cost you a lot of money in the process.

To avoid this costly situation, consider a space plan that gives each employee their own safe space that can be sanitized and keeps a healthy distance from colleagues while at work.

Standing Desks

Standing or stand-up accessories or desks can increase workplace productivity in the office by up to 46% by allowing employees to have a versatile way to work. Standing desks can be raised or lowered to meet your employee's comfort needs so they can sit or stand whenever they wish. This keeps them motivated by promoting comfort in the workplace, which creates more positive output.

Ergonomic Chairs

Employees end up spending over five hours a day sitting in a chair, which can bring morale down and make productivity sluggish and uninspiring. You can improve employee function by ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomic chairs are seats designed strictly for comfort and support and have many features to customize them to the people who sit in them most. Lumbar supports and seat-pan depth adjustment knobs are a few of these functions. An office furniture supply company can help you choose the best ergonomic chairs for the workplace.

Vibrant Lounging Furniture

Studies have shown that colors have a lot to do with how enthusiastic employees feel about being at work. Trade in some of your neutral furnishings in brown, tan, cream, and gray for more vibrant hues that inspire creativity. Yellow and orange are uplifting, while calming colors such as blue or green help keep the work atmosphere mellow.

Adding a few colorful pieces among your everyday office decor, such as a single accent couch in coral, can be just enough colorful motivation to keep productivity strong. Use balance when adding vibrant hues to your office furnishings as too much color can cause workplace distraction.

Task Lamps

Poor lighting in the workplace can lead to blurry vision, headaches, and eye strain in your employees who work at computers or do small tasks during the day. You can eliminate this type of work stress by investing in task lamps for individual tables and desks.

These lamps produce a soft light that improves visibility and encourages better eye health. Shielded desk lamps are also beneficial as they keep glare off desktop computers, making tasks much easier to accomplish.

Office Dividers

There are some beliefs that an open work area allows employees to interact and be more creative together in the workplace. The opposite is normally true, however, and lack of privacy in the office can lead to distraction, irritation, and costly miscommunication. Invest in office dividers with insulating materials to reduce noise and activity so employees can work in peace.

There are many ways you can make the workplace a more positive place for you and all your employees to be. You can customize the furnishings you need for your business by working with an office supply company to deliver all you need. This allows you to furnish your office with ease.

Configure Office Systems allows you to have access to workplace furnishings and tools that can make your office a more positive place to work in. With friendly assistance and expert care, you can improve the workplace for everyone and enjoy greater profits as a result.

Social Distancing In the Workplace POST Covid-19

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